My Story

Happy July!!

Our new catalog debuted March 1st & is full of a lot of new amazingness! If you need help or want more info, call or text me! 760-559-6342.

I love being a part of Scentsy! 

I have been part of the Scentsy for 8 years now & am so grateful for the friendships I have made, the re-found confidence & being able to help financially toward our household! My job is a party!!! I joined to support my habit and have been blessed beyond belief! I have also earned 4 all expenses paid vacations!!

My name is Terri, I am happily married to my best friend, J.T. (the guy in the pic with me - ha!), a stay at home mother to 2 beautiful children (ages 12 & 10) have 1 child (27) out of the house & I am a serious Scentsy addict. Ha!  I found Scentsy back in 2008 through my good friend, Heather, who is also my sponsor. I love being a Scentsy Consultant, I love the product & love sharing the Scentsy love! Scentsy allows me the freedom to work my own hours from home, stay home & homeschool my 2 young children, help earn income for my family, meet new people and get out with grown-ups for adult "Scentsy" time! Love it!

If you are interested in buying, hosting or joining, please feel free to contact me! I do home parties, online parties & have baskets available for basket parties!

I encourage you to think about becoming a Scentsy Consultant. It is an amazing experience & Scentsy is a product that sells itself! I have always been one of those people who start something and never finish.. Well, Scentsy changed all that! Scentsy is a great company to be a part of. It took me 11 months to become Director, which (at the time) was never even my goal. I simply started selling Scentsy to support my own adddiction. Today, it is so much more that that! It is a passion and a huge part of my family's life! I have been to Boise, Fort Worth, Denver, Las Vegas & Indianapolis and have earned all expense paid trips to Costa Rica, Kansas City, Dominican Republic, New York City & Cancun (twice) - so far! For just $99 you can change your life just like I have! Scentsy has easy requirements to meet, so you can sell Scentsy as a hobby or for supporting your family - it can meet your needs & I can help you every step of the way!

Have a Scent'sational day!!